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천주시 롱파무역공사




        Is a China swamp fog station helper.


      Will offer shoes clothing to Korean Japan Deungjiyeok for long-term I am as raise article.


      Intention to handle shoes finds by order low class actual view right Bokgeonseong Lord of Heaven by Iteusinbun or clothing


        Of Bokgeonseong Guandong Jeolgangseong Deungjiyeok


       Shoes : Injection. Shoes.Kejyueol )


      Clothing : blue jeans open palanquin underwear swimming suit cotton pants climbing clothing and womenswear and so on )


      Food : mushroom.Juksuk.pyogo. Ginger.Nakgyo.that bind that. Beef.short rib soup. Internals soup. Kkoritang.small intestine of a cow.and so on, Kaensikpum )


      Etc.. : industrial art objects.stone chip.stoneware.marble.Okgi.ceramics.bamboo.wood.tile.charcoal. Sand.Bulgyohyang back


       Many-sided information is Boyouhaguitseupni.


                         Communicate immediately if there is purchase intention 


       Link telephone : 86-13599220170  


      Messenger : Fusheng 70 @


      Cafe address : Http://


      Plaza : Http://


      Year, Gyeng person : Miseujeong

중국남부지역을 중심으로 진행하는 중한무역 신발 의류가 주류이구 다양한품종두 겸영하구잇음 캔식품류 공예품 소상품 가방 우산 모시 향 토산물 수산물등